? Craigieburn Primary School Council

School Council

The School Council has the major responsibility for deciding the educational policies for our school. The Council is also responsible for:
  • The expenditure of all government and locally-raised money;
  • Ensuring that buildings and grounds are well maintained;
  • Employing cleaning and clerical staff; and
  • Developing school community relations.

Council membership is shared among teachers and parents who work together for the benefit of all students. School Council meetings are normally held monthly and are advertised in the school newsletter. Our meetings start at 7pm and are held in the Conference Room located in the front foyer of the school. All parents are welcome to attend.

 School Council Meeting Dates

School Council meetings are held on Tuesday evenings. The meetings begin at 7 pm and are held in the Conference Room. 

2017 School Council

Parent Representation

President Angie McIntosh
Vice President Adam Eales
  Amanda Mizzi
  Kathleen Yendall
  Kelli Anderson
  Leanne Thompson
  Celina Valasinavicius

Rani Kaur

Staff Representation

Principal David Naismith
Assistant Principal Pam Gouramanis
Assistant Principal Jim Beattie
Teacher Jamie Saddington
Nathan Jones

  Financial Advisor                           Sheryl Zugaro


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