? Student Leadership at Craigieburn Primary School

Student Leadership

Thank you to the wonderful student leadership team for all your great work in 2017.


School Captains

Our 2017 School Captains are:

 School Captains

Latisha Cowman
Liam Bruni

 Vice Captains

 Madison McIntosh
Jasonjot Singh

House Captains

Blue House

Captains Ema Mac
  Melda Irfan

Gold House

Captains Shopra Kasho
  Lara Treharne

Green House

Captains Jayde Kennedy

Wajiha Ghani

Red House

Captains Lily Maharsky
  Ryan Glass

White House

Captains Margaret Montunuu

Jasmine Crans


Junior School Council

Children in Grades 4 to 6 are involved in Junior School Council. They are encouraged to express their views and make decisions on various aspects of school facilities and happenings. Through their involvement they learn about democratic processes and also increase their responsibility towards other children and the school.

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