Bring Your Own Device Program

Craigieburn Primary School is pleased to announce that we will be intoducing a BOYD program for grade 3- 6 students in 2024.
The BOYD Program intends to enhance the way students learn.

A BYOD program refers to a model of technology use where students bring a personally owned netbook to school for the purpose of learning. BYOD stands for ‘Bring Your Own Device’.

The BYOD Program intends to enhance the way students learn and aims to assist in the development of the 21st Century Learning skills.

'The reality is that web-based tools and resources have changed the landscape of learning. Students now have at their fingertips unlimited access to digital content, resources, experts, databases and communities of interest. By effectively leveraging such resource, school authorities not only have the opportunity to deepen student learning, but they can also develop literacy, fluency and citizenship in students that will prepare them for the high-tech world in which they will live, learn and work.’  (Alberta Education, 2012)


Laptops can be purchased via the link JB.HI.FI
BOYD Code CraigieburnPS2024 

Please find attatched 

CPS Digial Technology and BYOD Policy

Acceptable Use Agreement 

BYOD Flyer 

BYOD Parent Information Session

BYOD Parent Information Session  Meeting Q & A

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