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Friday 8 April

Principal's report


As we have arrived at the last day of Term 1, I can’t help but reflect on the fact that this is the first time we have completed a full term of onsite learning and teaching in over two years. This hasn’t occurred by luck, or good fortune, but by the sheer commitment and hard work of each of our staff, students, and school community. The word ‘Thank you’ does not seem enough…

This is in no small part because of the dedication and hard work from our Craigieburn staff each and every day this term, often under significant staffing challenges, to ensure our school remains open during the current COVID-19 outbreaks and that students, both their learning and wellbeing, are at the centre of all we do. We are all feeling very positive about the year ahead and look forward to continuing to celebrate the learning and achievements of our students throughout the remainder of the year. To our wonderful staff I am now going to urge you to focus on your own wellbeing over the coming school term break.

To our students and families please have a safe and happy Easter and we look forward to commencing our fun, exciting and engaging teaching and learning program with you in Term 2.


Learning and Wellbeing

The Annual Implementation Plan (AIP) is a core part of school business, documents the focus on key school improvement measures and provides clarity for all members of the school community, as we work towards achieving the goals and targets set out in the AIP together. In response to the transitions in and out of remote & flexible learning over the past two years, all government schools in Victoria will have both ‘Learning’ and ‘Wellbeing’ priorities, which we will share with you in the coming weeks. In addition, our newsletters will also communicate key initiatives and ways to support the focus on learning and wellbeing at home.



al Clothes Day –2022 Floods School Aid National Campaign

We are pleased to report that our Casual Clothes day raised $863.20 for the School Aid -Flood Appeal. We would like to thank all the families and students at CPS for supporting an important cause for the communities in flood impacted areas through NSW and Queensland.


Again, thank you to the families for supporting our Hot Cross Bun – morning tea treat we were blown away by high interest with over $800 in orders raising approximately $500 dollars for our school.

We will continue with special morning tea/lunch events throughout the year.

We welcome as many parents / carers as possible to become active participants in school life. The group will meet together a couple of times a term to plan the community and fundraising events that will occur during the year. Keep an eye out in newsletters and on Compass for details. If you have some spare time and would like to help out in any way, please contact the school. It doesn’t have to be a regular commitment - any form of assistance would be greatly appreciated. Please contact the school on 9308 1228.



Please come along and have a look if your child is missing any clothing. All named items are returned to student classrooms. If unnamed items are not collected by the end of term they will go into our second hand uniform cupboard or be donated to charity.



As the end of term fast approaches, a reminder that we have a live assembly on the basketball court (weather permitting) from 2.15pm. Our school and house captains and vice captains will be presented with their student leadership badges.

On this day we have an early dismissal, students will be dismissed at 2:30pm on Friday 8 April, and all families are asked to ensure the prompt pickup of students.


I would like to encourage the school community to ‘keep an eye’ on the school over the coming holidays. Please report any unwanted or illegal behaviours to the police on ‘000’, even if you only have suspicions. We unfortunately continue to experience occasional vandalism and damage to our school by people using the school grounds. The costs involved with repairing damage cannot be afforded by our school and mean that valuable funds that should be used to support our students may be used to make such repairs.

Also, as a result, I issue this statement:

“Except for certain limited purposes under the Summary Offences Act 1966, a school is not a ‘public place’. There is no general right of the public at large to be there, either within or outside school hours. A school ground is not ‘public land’. It is land held by the Minister for Education for educational purposes.”

(Victorian Government Schools Reference Guide, Section 6.16 Legal Liability and Associated Matters)


The Victorian Government will continue to provide free rapid antigen test kits to families through schools and early childhood settings for the start of Term 2.  The rapid antigen test (RAT) screening program will extend for the first 4 weeks of Term 2.

The screening recommendations will remain the same next term for students and staff with the recommended to test at home twice a week.

“We know surveillance testing has prevented tens of thousands of kids getting sick and having their schools shut – and we thank the many Victorian families who have opted into voluntary testing.”

“We’ll keep supporting Victorian families with the cost of living, with free rapid test kits available through schools and early childhood settings for the start of Term 2.”  Minister for Education James Merlino

Wishing everyone a safe and happy Easter

Bernadette Pizaro

Curriculum News

The teachers have provided more pictures from our Harmony Week, along with other recent curriculum highlights. Please enjoy our articles and see our photo gallery on the school website.

Physical Education – Gala Days

On Friday 11 March, 50 students in Grade 6 were chosen to participate in the Term 1 Craigieburn District Gala Day. This event replaces the Grade 6 Interschool Sports and reduces the frequency of mixing between schools. Students joined 8 Craigieburn District schools and travelled to venues, such as the Craigieburn Basketball Stadium, Roxburgh Park Primary School, Roxburgh Park Sporting Fields and Roxburgh Park United Soccer Club. They competed in the summer sports of basketball, tee ball, volleyball and cricket. 

The girls tee ball team were ranked 1st in the district and have qualified for Division. Teachers reported that students at Craigieburn Primary School showed our school values while in public and they were very proud of them.

In Term 2, the Craigieburn District will hold another Gala Day, with schools competing in the winter sports of soccer, football, and netball.

See the pictures of the day by clicking here

Grade 6 - Graffiti Prevention Through Life Skills Program

On Monday 28 March, the Grade 6 students participated in Graffiti Prevention workshops for 45 minutes. It was a life skills education program, which dealt with the negative aspects of graffiti and the difference between street art and graffiti. Grade 6 students worked on strategies to say, ‘NO!’ to activities they aren’t comfortable with and reflected on resisting peer pressure and how to remain true to themselves by not taking part in risky behaviours.

It was a powerful message about choices and consequences, provided free to all students through the support of the Hume City Council.

See the pictures by clicking here

NAPLAN 2022 – Grade 3 and Grade 5 Only

The school participated in a School Readiness Test (SRT) on Friday 18 March and a State-wide Grade 5 Writing test on Thursday 24 March at 11.30am. These practice tests allowed students to familiarise themselves with the online testing format and checked the school’s technical readiness for participation in NAPLAN Online. The Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority emailed the school to confirm our school successfully administered the SRT 2022 and will progress to delivering NAPLAN Online this year.

The tests are designed in sections. A student’s answers to one section of the test will determine the next section to appear on the student’s screen, so it is important for students to check their answers at the end of each section. This ensures if questions are too hard or too easy the test adjusts to help students demonstrate their current knowledge and skills. At the end of a test section, a notification screen reminds students to check their answers before proceeding to the next section, as each section locks before branching and students can no longer return to these questions.

Public demonstration site test

In advance of taking NAPLAN online, students are encouraged to explore the public demonstration site tests for their year level in order to familiarise themselves with the different item types, as well as the features of the test player.  This site is available for parent use and is a great way to familiarise your child with the test format.


For more information click here to go to the NAPLAN website 


School Improvement Teams (SIT Meetings)

Our Leading Teachers work with their School Improvement Teams to improve curriculum across the school. These teams consist of teachers from every year level, including teachers in specialist or support roles across the school.


There are four SIT teams:

  • Engagement - Kerrie Cull
  • 21stCentury - Bobby Stanisic
  • Literacy - Ferhan Dogan 
  • Numeracy - Kim Rotondi


The Leading Teachers have provided a School Improvement Teams’ Reports, to summarise their main areas of focus this term.

As Term 1 ends, we wish everyone a safe and happy holiday and look forward to seeing you all in Term 2.

We look forward to seeing the students when they return on Wednesday 27 April.

Amanda Lee
Assistant Principal Prep to Grade 2

Simon Rennick
Assistant Principal Grade 3 to 6

School Improvement Teams’ Reports

Literacy School Improvement Team

We have commenced our year working towards continual improvement of our Literacy practices and resourcing within the school. We have established a Literacy School Improvement Team that will drive change within the school for improved outcomes. A focus for our School Improvement Team has been to make effective use of the resources within our library. This has involved an inquiry into locating resources and making use of them within our Literacy lessons.  

During this term, we have also visited classrooms as part of our Learning Walks to gauge what the learning environment looks like and the resources that students can access to improve Literacy. This has created an opportunity for our school to work towards continual improvement and a culture of high expectations in Literacy.  

We are excited looking forward to the events that are coming up such as the National Simultaneous Storytime (Wednesday 25 May) and Book Week in August. We will also continue our once a Term Book Club orders. 

Ferhan Dogan
Leading Teacher

Engagement School Improvement Team


The captains have been busy acting, directing, and creating short clips to help pass any school messages through assemblies. They have been assisting the PE teachers with the sports borrowing process. The captains are looking forward to versing the teachers in our termly Students Vs Teachers match in the last week of term. Basketball is the game of choice and both sides are in with a shot. Good luck to all.

School Engagement

The School Improvement Team has been working hard to facilitate better engagement in the classroom.  Feedback between teachers and students and the Attitudes Towards School Survey have been instrumental in measuring engagement within our classrooms. We hope to collaborate better with the student leaders next term and encourage the students to increase their voice when it comes to making choices in their learning.

Kerrie Cull
Leading Teacher


Numeracy School Improvement Team

We are very fortunate this year to have created a Numeracy School Improvement Team to focus on planning and professional learning opportunities to develop staff capacity in teaching Numeracy.

This team consists of teaching staff from all areas of the school from Prep to Grade 6, as well as representation from the Support and Specialist Team. The team met several times throughout this term.

At the beginning of the term, a classroom audit for Maths Materials was sent out to all rooms, so we can continue to restock items as needed. Research has shown that teaching with physical manipulatives has significant positive impact on learning in Maths. Children need hands on and visual hooks to understand new concepts in Maths. This is true whether they are simply learning to count or exploring patterns in algebra.

As we move into Term 2, we are providing students from Grade 4 to Grade 6 with the opportunity to participate in the Maths Olympiad and Maths Games. This will run every Wednesday before school with the support of teachers. This annual contest has operated since 1987. Every year, schools from all over Australia, New Zealand and other neighbouring countries take part.

Participating students will expand their knowledge of understanding and apply inventive maths strategies to solve advanced maths problems.

Kim Rotondi
Leading Teacher

21st Century Learning School Improvement Team

This year we have a team of educators leading 21st Century Learning across the school. The teachers come from varying year levels and share their knowledge and expertise with their own teams. The 21st Century School Improvement Team (SIT) equips students with a set of skills, abilities and dispositions which are required for them to succeed in the modern world. The skills are critical for them to be able to contribute to an evolving digital world. Skills that incorporate ways of thinking, working and living and they support students to become critical and creative thinkers.

This term, the team has looked at the various technologies available at our school currently. Discussions were held about how these technologies could be used in the classroom to enhance and promote learning. The team has also begun creating a scope and sequence which will provide the teachers with an outline of what digital skills should be taught at the different stages of a child’s learning. These skills range in complexity from, learning how to physically handle technology safely in Prep, to learning how to code in Grade 6.

NAPLAN is going to be completed online this year. This means that the Grade 3 and Grade 5 cohorts will be sitting the test using a laptop for all the components, except for the grade 3 writing test which will continue to be completed on paper format. We have audited the laptops in preparation of NAPLAN to ensure that they are ready and that our school systems can accommodate the requirements of the test. The students had practice sessions which were successful, and it provided them with the opportunity to familiarise themselves with the functions of the test. Teachers are working to provide other opportunities for students to develop familiarity with the new testing formats.

Bobby Stanisic
Leading Teacher

Prep participating in Maths


The Prep teachers are very proud of our students and their continued efforts in their daily learning. We would like to thank our Prep families and carers for your continued support.

During the past 2 weeks, this is what the children in Prep have been learning:


In Maths the children in Prep have been focusing on subitising. Subitising is the ability to instantaneously recognise the number of objects in a small group without the need to count them. Being able to subitise is an essential part of developing number sense. By looking at groups of items, children begin to develop an understanding of how a number is made up: for example, seven dots could be a set of three dots and a set of four dots, or a set of six dots and one dot. This understanding of part-part-whole relationships helps children to separate and combine numbers and accelerates understanding of addition and subtraction. Here are some photos of the children playing dice games and using dominoes to assist with their number sense knowledge.



In Measurement and Geometry, the children have been learning to name 2D shapes, such as triangles, squares, and circles. The children have enjoyed making shapes and going on shape walks around the school.

Click here to see some photos of the children learning

Grade 3 report

The Grade 3 students had a great start to the term getting to know one another and learning all about our school values. We have been working hard in Literacy by making connections to texts, summarising, writing and publishing our very creative narratives.

In Maths, we’ve had fun using hands on material to explore place value, make and order numbers and revise our strategies in addition.

Inquiry time has been a great opportunity to learn about our Indigenous culture as well as exploring other countries and their cultures by researching and creating a poster to share with the grade.

We look forward to more wonderful learning in Term 2!

Click here to see some pictures from Harmony Day.

Grade 5 Harmony Week / Ride to School Day

The Grade 5 students had fun collaborating on some marvellous mosaics.

This activity promoted cooperation, collaboration and craft between the Grade 5s.

The pieces made helped familiarises students with mosaic art, as found in Muslim mosques and other cultural buildings, and provided a metaphor for diversity and unity.

Friday was also the Ride to School Day. Most of the children enjoyed getting out at lunch for a ride, scoot or skate around the oval.

Many students wore orange to celebrate Harmony Day.

Click here to see pictures of the activities.

Grade 6 - Graffiti Prevention Through Life Skills Program

The Grade 6 students participated in the Graffiti Prevention, through a life skills education program, on Monday 28 March.  

The anti-graffiti education session dealt not only with the negative aspects of graffiti and the difference between street art and graffiti, but also aimed to empower the Grade 6’s to say no to activities they aren’t comfortable with.

The students were given tools to resist peer pressure and remain true to themselves, by not taking part in risky behaviours.

The session delivered a powerful message about choices and consequences, but was also quite humorous, ensuring it was enjoyed by all.

Click here to see some photos.

Student of the Week Term 1 Week 9

Congratulations to all of the students awarded with Student of the Week!


Student of the Week - Term 1 Week 9



Name of Student




For showing the school value of responsibility and for completing her work independently!

Great work Sia!




For always getting straight into your work.

Keep up the great work Gabby!




For always having a positive attitude to all learning tasks. Well done, Isabelle!




For showing responsibility and kindness.

Well done, Alyssa!




For always showing kindness!




For always showing the school values in the classroom!




For always showing the school value of kindness. Thank you for being so kind Elena!




For demonstrating the value of resilience and trying so hard with all her learning at school. Well done!




For showing the school value of kindness and helping other students in the classroom!




For trying your best to write the best narratives. We all enjoy reading your narratives!




For trying her hardest when reading and writing!




For trying really hard with her learning this week.




For your wonderful reading story predictions during, before and after reading. 😊




For always trying so very hard in everything she does! Well Done, Ciana!




For always showing kindness to your classmates. Great job Charlotte!





For using our school values inside the classroom at every opportunity. Well done!






For being a terrific helper.




For trying so hard to get her pen licence. Well done!!




For always showing the school values and going above and beyond to support everyone in our classroom. Thank you!




For his extra effort in the classroom this week




For an excellent start at CPS! Welcome! 😊




For being a great technology monitor and demonstrating the school value of responsibility.



For being a friendly class mate no matter what room she’s in.




For always using ALL the school values and being a wonderful class member and helper, as well as putting in 100% with all of your work. Well done!




For always coming into class with a smile on your face, using our school value of kindness and always trying your best! Well done, Kiara! 😊




For your excellent efforts in writing and always showing kindness. Keep up the great work!




For showing her confidence in class by answering questions and contributing to class discussions!

Keep up the amazing work!




For displaying responsibility in class. Thank you!




For always being a sensible classroom learner and always trying her best.




 For her high level of participation in maths.




For consistently displaying an excellent, responsible attitude to all his learning and always being

helpful in class.





Welcome back, well done for jumping straight back in and working hard to catch up



P - 2


Amelia 1B


For showing respect and trying her best while singing along to Advance Australia Fair


3 - 6

Hamish 6B

For being confident and showing lots of enthusiasm at our first VSSS mass dance rehearsal!


P - 2

Holly 2C

For creating an amazing model of a playground at home with her family.


P - 2

Benji 2B

For always coming to PE with a smile and showing great teamwork skills.


3 - 6

Rabee 4B

For always being a team player in PE and showing kindness.


P - 2

Lucy PA

Creating a great family of mice collage.


3 - 6

Kenny 5E

Fabulous creative drawing of a Japanese manga character.

Student of the Week Term 1 Week 10

Congratulations to the students awarded with Student of the Week!


Student of the Week - Term 1 Week 10



Name of Student





For super reading. Congratulations Nabil!




For showing resilience in reading. Well done, Evie!




For showing responsibility by looking after our classroom resources. Well done, Leo!




For showing kindness by looking after other children and responsibility by taking care of our classroom.



Ali M

For showing all the school values in the classroom!




For showing resilience this week in all her activities!




For his amazing maths skills. Keep up the great work!




For trying his hardest to be resilient, responsible and kind. You are a champion!




For having a positive attitude towards her learning.





For your hard work in reading and for being a great friend.




For always trying really hard with his learning




For always showing the value of kindness.




For your great attitude and fantastic efforts during remote learning. Well done, Jobe!




For always being a helpful, responsible, kind friend!




For your fantastic work in Writing this term. You’ve planned, drafted, revised and edited a brilliant narrative. Well done!





For an outstanding effort in your maths tasks this week. Well done!




For working very hard in class.




For a fantastic effort in maths. Well done, Maryam!




For doing a great job paraphrasing information found online when doing research for your information text. Well done!




For an amazing effort researching for his information report!




For being a kind classmate and helping others in the classroom!




For doing her best in every learning task. Keep it up!



For always striving to do her very best in all her learning and being open to feedback. You are AMAZING!



Srishti S

For a fantastic, exciting and interesting narrative opener. Can’t wait to read the rest of it. Fabulous work, well done.




For showing kindness and helping others. Keep it up Josh. 😊




For always contributing to class discussions and sharing his great ideas. Keep it up 😊




For being focused on his tasks and for always being willing to help those around him! Well done, Henry!




For sharing his maths knowledge with another student. Thank you!




For setting an example to others and demonstrating kindness!




For showing communal responsibility in the classroom. Thank you Marella!




For having a growth mindset in mathematics to learn his multiplication facts.


P - 2

Annaliese 2A

For telling the class a really funny joke during her puppet show performance that made everyone laugh!


3 - 6

Chiara and Tarnee 6D

For taking on the responsibility of becoming 2022 VSSS Dance Captains so enthusiastically!


P - 2


Prep A

For showing resilience during PE lessons and always giving everything a go!


3 - 6


For always using her manners during PE and showing amazing Teamwork skills.

Secondary School Information for 2023

Hazel Glen College are running an 2023 Information Evening for prospective families (see details below).

We are requesting that families make a booking to attend the evening which can be done via the QR code below.

Pascoe Vale Girls Sceondary College

Information about the 2023 SEAL program