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24 June 2022

Principal's report

Dear Parents and Carers,

Following advice from the Acting Chief Health Officer, the Victorian Government recently announced changes to the pandemic orders.

There will no longer be a mandated vaccination requirement for staff working in mainstream schools. This change will come in from 11.59pm Friday 24 June, so in effect from the start of Term 3, 2022.

With almost 100% of school staff now vaccinated across Victoria, this will cause little change to our school.

As part of the changes, from 11.59pm Friday 24 June 2022, parents and carers who have COVID-19 can transport their non-COVID-19 children via private vehicle to their primary or secondary school when an alternative person is not available to assist.

This means that parents and carers will be able to leave COVID self-isolation to take their non-COVID-19 child to school or school holiday programs via a private vehicle.

The parent or carer must travel directly to and from the school only. They must remain in the vehicle at all times, unless it is reasonably necessary to leave the vehicle to walk the child to and from the entrance of the school safely. They must wear a face mask at all times.

Family members are asked to continue reporting positive COVID-19 cases to both the Department of Health and to our school office.

You must also let the school know if your child is a close contact. Students who are close contacts and want to attend should still take 5 RATs over 7 days and wear a face mask whilst indoors if they are aged 8 years or over.

Students should continue to stay home if they are unwell, even if they test negative on a RAT.

Each child will receive Rapid Antigen Tests to take home over the term break, this is to support our families and ensure students are COVID free when they return to school in Term 3. 

We know surveillance testing has prevented tens of thousands of kids getting sick and we thank the many families who have opted into voluntary testing.


As part of the new Victorian Government Schools Enterprise Agreement, teachers across the state have been allocated Professional Practice Days (one per term) where they are released from their scheduled duties to focus on the improved delivery of high-quality teaching and learning.

These days are in addition to existing pupil free days and due to ongoing absences in all schools and Casual Relief Teacher (CRT) shortages across Victoria, the Department of Education and Training (DET) has allowed schools across the state to have no classes in Term 3 Professional Practice Day to ease the burden on the workforce and inability to access CRTs.  

Like in Term 2 we will be having our Professional Practice Day on the first day back from school holidays, as we believe this will cause the least disruption for our families and to our teaching and learning programs.

Term 3 will commence back on Tuesday 12 July for CPS students. 
Students are not required to attend school on Monday 11 July, as all teachers will be involved in collaborative planning in their teaching teams.

Please ensure you make appropriate arrangements for the care and supervision of your child / children on this day. 

Camp Australia will be running a day program for CPS students. Please contact Camp Australia OSHP to book a place on 1300 105 343.


It was wonderful to see many of our parents, carers and students coming together to meet with our classroom and specialist teachers this week to discuss their learning growth and areas for future development next semester. Your child’s report is available in electronic form on Compass.


Next term, 11 of our Grade 5 and 6 students have been selected by the Department of Education and Training to participate in the Victorian High-Ability Program (VHAP) in either English or Mathematics. This is a 10-week extension and enrichment program conducted online from Virtual Schools Victoria.

Participating students will also be invited to a ‘Masterclass’, where they will attend up to one full school day of activities (date to be confirmed). Students will have the opportunity to meet and work with like-minded peers in a safe learning environment with teacher supervision.


Enrolments for Preps in 2023 are now open and all families are encouraged to collect an enrolment pack from the office or email the school craigieburn.ps@education.vic.gov.au  for your enrolment form. The earlier we have students enrolled assists with our forward planning for next year. It certainly has been exciting to see so many prospective parents and their children attend our school tours over the past few weeks. Our school tours are offered each Thursday at 10am, please call the office to make an appointment and we are more than happy to arrange a tour of our fabulous school for you.


I would like to encourage the school community to ‘keep an eye’ on the school over the coming holidays. Please report any unwanted or illegal behaviours to the police on triple zero, even if you only have suspicions. We unfortunately continue to experience occasional vandalism and damage to our school by people using the school grounds. The costs involved with repairing damage cannot be afforded by our school and mean that valuable funds that should be used to support our students may be used to make such repairs.

Also, as a result, I issue this statement:

“Except for certain limited purposes under the Summary Offences Act 1966, a school is not a ‘public place’. There is no general right of the public at large to be there, either within or outside school hours. A school ground is not ‘public land’. It is land held by the Minister for Education for educational purposes.”

(Victorian Government Schools Reference Guide, Section 6.16 Legal Liability and Associated Matters)

Thank you and congratulations to everyone that supported the Out of Uniform Day yesterday. We raised $522.20 to purchase new sports uniforms. Everyone had a wonderful day showing off their colours.

Please take the time to read each section of the newsletter for additional information.

Have a safe and happy Term 2 holiday break

Bernadette Pizaro

Curriculum News

Where did Term 2 go? Many events have now been finalised and we are already looking towards an exciting Term 3 ahead...


All reports have now been posted on Compass for parents to see. Please contact us if you have any concerns by emailing Craigieburn.ps@education.vic.gov.au

The Parent / Teacher / Student Interviews were held on Wednesday 22 June, providing parents and carers an opportunity to meet with teachers onsite. The interviews celebrated the progress in learning this semester and identified future areas to focus on, including ways to help at home. This is so important because educational research shows that parents have a significant impact on their children's educational achievements. In fact, parental engagement overrides all other factors that have been shown to influence a child's achievement. Teachers appreciate this time to work with families to develop stronger connections between school and home, so we thank you for your support.

Our Student Support Group (SSG) meetings for students with additional learning needs were held from Week 7 to Week 9. These meetings allowed extra time to discuss and support our students.

Grade 2 Excursion

The children in Grade 2 were so excited to visit the Melbourne Zoo on Friday 17 June. With lockdowns and disruptions students have really missed the joys of excursions. The Grade 2 teachers are linking the learning to the required Victorian Curriculum outcomes and are ensuring a language rich environment in the classroom. They used lessons before and after to maximise the learning from this special experience. It really made the science of biology come alive for students and stimulated their curiosity. See the great pictures and student reflections they have shared in this newsletter.

Next Term, Grade 1 will have their opportunity to visit the Melbourne Zoo and our Grade 4 Students will visit the Werribee Zoo. If you have students in Grade 1 or 4 please check Compass for information on these events, as this is where payments and permission to attend is given.

Prep Incursion and Reading

In Inquiry our Preps have been learning about people who help and support us, and recently they had a visitor to discuss first aid and what to do in emergencies. They have also been working hard on their reading strategies, so please enjoy the articles they have shared this week.

Term 3 is coming…

National Science Week is from Saturday 13 to Sunday 21 August (Term 3 / Week 6). It is Australia’s annual celebration of science and technology and provides an opportunity to acknowledge the contributions of Australian scientists to the world of knowledge. It also aims to encourage an interest in science pursuits and to encourage younger people to become fascinated by the world we live in.

The Children’s Book Council of Australia is running Book Week from Saturday 20 to Friday 26th of August (Term 3 / Week 7) and the theme is ‘Dreaming with eyes open…’ CPS will be having book character parades, so please start planning those costumes. The children really love the day of dressing up as their favourite book characters and can’t wait to see each all thew different costumes.

National eSmart Week is on from the Monday 5 to Sunday 11 September (Term 3 / Week 9). This week aims to improve student wellbeing, encourage positive use of technology and decision-making, while reducing bullying, cyber bullying and anti-social behaviour. Important learning for children growing up in this age of digital technology, who all face new challenges their parents or carers may not have experienced.

Term 3 will be another exciting journey of learning at Craigieburn Primary School.

Wishing you all a safe and happy holiday and the staff look forward to seeing our students return on Tuesday 12 July.

Amanda Lee

Assistant Principal Prep to Grade 2

Simon Rennick

Assistant Principal Grade 3 to 6

Prep Report - Reading

Over the past few weeks in reading the Preps have been focusing on developing their decoding strategies. The children have been learning to get their mouth ready to say the beginning sounds in words, to stretch out the sounds and then blend them together to make a word.

They have also been encouraged to look at the pictures and to check whether their reading sounds right and makes sense.

Here are some photos of the children working together using their reading strategies.

Prep St John Ambulance First Aid Incursion

Last week the Preps participated in an incursion run by St John’s Ambulance. The children listened to a story about Johnny Bear who had to identify an emergency and then had to put the Danger, Response and Send for help strategy into action. During the session the children learnt a chant to help them remember what to do in an emergency.

Please remind your children to call 000 in an emergency.

Click here to see some photos from the activity.

Grade 2 Melbourne Zoo Excursion

On Friday 17 June, the Grade 2 students experienced their very first excursion! The weather was kind to us all with not a drop falling from the sky as the students excitedly stepped off the bus at the Melbourne Zoo.

In our Inquiry Unit students have been learning about animals, their habitats and what they need to survive. Students got to observe animals in their enclosures which closely resembled their habitat.

Some highlights included the Butterfly House where students viewed the different stages of the butterfly's life cycle and the Siamang monkey who entertained the students by dancing!

Thank you to the teachers, Education Support staff and parent / carer helpers who made this excursion possible.

Read below to hear what the children thought about their adventure.

I really liked the zoo excursion because it was our first excursion. I really liked the bus because I was on the bus with my friends. Ayden 2A

We saw a fish. We saw a lion. We saw a red panda. We saw an otter. My favourite animal was the manta ray. Ronan 2A

The Grade 2’s went to the Melbourne Zoo. We saw tigers, snakes and lots more animals. We had a good time at the zoo. It was fun. My favourite animal was the red panda, we didn’t get to see it because it was up in a tree. My second favourite animal was all the animals. Jehansa 2A

The Grade 2’s went to the zoo. I looked at the snakes. I liked the reticulated python. I saw the lion, tiger and snow leopard. I went with my friends and teacher. Prish 2A

It was the best day of my life! My favourite animal is the tiger. Isaac 2B

We had a great time at the zoo. I loved the butterfly house and the snakes. Adam 2B

My favourite animal was the snakes - one was hissing at me. Then it bumped against the glass to say hello to me. Jack 2B

We saw lots of animals at the zoo. We heard some weird sounds from the monkeys. My favourite animal was the giraffes. We even saw one sitting down. We went into the butterfly house and it was very hot inside and there were a lot of butterflies. Ina 2C

My favourite animal was the tree top monkeys. I liked them because they kept showing off and kept banging on the windows. We got to listen to two of the keeper talks. I also liked how we got to see nearly every animal. Holly M 2C

The zoo was awesome because it was so much fun, even though we had to walk for a long time. My favourite animal was the snow leopard because I like the colours of them. I even got to pretend I was a turtle. Charlie 2C

The zoo was fun. It was my first time going to the zoo. My favourite animal was the python. It was hiding in its cage. I also liked the giraffes because they are very tall and have long legs. Losipeli 2C

I loved the Giant Tortoises because I love turtles and they are much bigger. Paige 2D

I really liked seeing the reptile area. I loved seeing the geckos because I have only seen them once before. Noah 2D

I liked it when we saw tigers, lions and lemurs. I enjoyed walking through the big bird cage and I saw the parrots. Shakeel 2D

The excursion was the most incredible experience. I loved seeing the orangutans. Emmerson 2E

The zoo day was amazing. It was super cool going on the bus with my friends and I was excited to see the giraffes. Luciana 2E

The excursion was pretty much the best day ever at school. I loved seeing the baboons with their big cherry bums. Zachary 2E

What an epic day, hanging out with our friends and seeing the gorillas. Jayden 2E

It was the best day of my life because I loved seeing the koalas. Chanel 2E

Click here to see how much fun we had on our excursion.

Interschool Maths Competition

On Thursday 23 June, the students involved in the Maths Olympiad and Maths Games participated in a Live Interschool Maths Competition via Video Link.

The students worked in collaborative teams to solve problems while competing with students from other schools from Tullamarine, Craigieburn and Roxburgh Park.

Here are some photos of the children working together as well as some of the questions that the children needed to solve.

Student of the Week Term 2 Week 7

Congratulations to the following students that have been awarded Student of the Week!


Name of Student




For always presenting her work beautifully. Keep up the wonderful work!



For trying your hardest and taking your time when colouring. Good job Kayan!



For showing resilience and responsibility. Well done!



For always trying and never giving up.  Well done, Omar!



For always trying her best with all her work. Well done, Khadijah!



For displaying the value of kindness towards all children in the classroom. Keep up the great job!




For showing our school value of kindness and always helping others in the classroom.



For your amazing work in reading. Well done, Ali!



For always making fantastic choices and being an amazing helper!



For always using her manners and being kind.



For your fantastic work in all the subjects and always showing a growth mindset!


All of 3A

For showing resilience and responsibility throughout the week, while Miss Krassos has been away.



For showing responsibility and being an excellent helper in the classroom.



For being attentive and engaged in your learning.



For a detailed theme park map.  Well done!



For always working hard in all areas of her learning. Keep up the great work!



For working hard during maths and also making smart choices in the classroom. Keep up the Great Work!



For showing responsibility with his reading. Keep it up Ethan!



For settling in well into the new classroom. Great start, Trisha!



For always trying to do his best and being open to feedback to make him grow. Kaden, you shine!



For having a great attitude in all areas of his learning and doing his best. Keep it up Cooper 😊



For following instructions during library time and choosing a good fit book! Keep it up, Darshan!



For having a growth mindset in maths and gaining confidence in multiplication. Keep it up Tristan 😊



For challenging yourself in maths this week and always lending a helping hand! Great Work!



For his random act of kindness. You made my day - thank you!



For her confident participation in our debating sessions.



 For his willingness to put in an extra effort to complete his maths assessment. Well done!



For his great work in mathematics.



For participating in the historic ‘Titanic’ debate with great background knowledge and confidence!


P - 2

Katrina 2A

For making a great effort with her coding this week.


3 - 6

Aryanah 4D

For doing well with coding this week.


P - 2

Gia Prep D

For showing kindness in PE and always smiling.


3 - 6

Oliver 4D

For being an amazing friend and showing teamwork in PE.


P - 2

Eden Prep D

Beautifully drawn and painted butterfly.


3 - 6

Sarah 6C

Really creative Picasso Relief Portrait.

Student of the Week Term 2 Week 8

Congratulations to the following students for being awarded Student of the Week.


Name of Student




For doing a great job with learning his alphabet. Super work!



For being resilient in his writing of CVC words. Well done, Edward!



For trying his very best in PMP this week Well done, superstar!



For being a superstar with numbers. Well done, Leona!



For always showing the school value of kindness!



For always having a go in all her tasks!



For always using her manners and being a good friend to the grade!



For always demonstrating all the school values. Champion effort!



For working cooperatively during reading sessions! Keep up the great work.



For your amazing work in writing! Keep up the great work.



For always coming to school with a smile!



For trying really hard with her writing this week.



For writing a great explanation of a life cycle. Super star! 😊



For doing a fantastic job in maths this week with his number patterns



For your positive attitude towards learning. Well done!



For challenging yourself in maths lessons this week and showing an excellent understanding of number patterns.



For always having a positive attitude!




For speaking confidently and sharing her ideas in reading.



For always taking positive steps forward on his learning and trying his best! Keep it up!



For always having a positive growth mindset towards all of his work. Well done, keep it up.



For working really hard on your Inquiry project this week. Keep up the awesome work Jye!



For having great responses during classroom discussions in reading and showing a positive attitude towards his learning. Well done, Justice 😊



For his effort to improving his reading and maths understanding! Keep up the amazing work!



For always trying to improve his understanding in all subject areas. Well done!



For making an effort to improve his work habits in class all week!



For always making positive choices and giving everything a go every time. Well done 😊


Sara M

For her insightful comments and contributions in debating sessions.



For always contributing to classroom discussion in every lesson. Thank you for your input!


P - 2

Ian F 2D

For his funny “There was an old lady who swallowed a fly” lyric remix, using the Shrek characters


3 - 6

Avery Mc 4A

For excitedly bringing her ‘Cinderella the Musical’ program for me to look at after she went and saw it with her family.


P - 2

Conner L 2D

For working cooperatively with a partner when practicing new skills


3 - 6

Madison B 3C

For showing persistence and resilience when learning a new skill

The Victorian State Schools Spectacular

The 2022 Victorian State Schools Spectacular: Tickets are on sale!

The 2022 Victorian State Schools Spectacular will be held on Saturday 10 September. The performance times are 1:00pm and 6:30pm at John Cain Arena, Melbourne Park.

This year we have 15 talented grade 6 students representing our school in the Mass Dance Ensemble.

Tickets are available through Ticketek: www.ticketek.com.au/spectacular or 132 849. Ticketek is the ONLY genuine sales outlet.

Adult: $40

Concession: $30

Child (U15): $20 (a $5.95 per transaction fee applies on all purchases)

Groups receive one free ticket for every 10 tickets purchased. For example, if 20 tickets are purchased, the group will receive 2 free tickets – a total of 22 tickets all together. Please contact Ticketek for more information.

*Our students are performing in “Quadrant One”- the best seats to see them are located in the following sections: 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 47, 48, 49, 50.

Hope to see you there!

Camp Australia June Report