Our School Newsletter

Monday 22 August

Principal's Report

Dear Parents and Carers,

We have reached the midway point of term three… and what a busy term it has been. The highlights have been, 100 Days of School, excursions and sporting events…and there is still so much to come, incursions, kinder visits and Book Week Dress Up Day, to mention just a few.


You would be aware that Craigieburn Primary School and the Department of Education have a policy related to students bringing mobile phones to school. This policy is available to view on our school website.  The policy dictates that if a child brings a mobile phone to school the phone must be locked up securely. Our teachers collect all mobile phones brought to school and return them to students at the end of each day. I take this opportunity to remind students mobile phones are to be kept safe in school bags before and after school when on school grounds.


This week we had some preliminary feedback on Year 3 and Year 5 NAPLAN results. Initial results indicate some positive outcomes. Full NAPLAN reports will arrive in school towards the end of this term and will be released to parents as soon as possible.


On Tuesday 23 August we will be celebrating Book Week. Each year since 1945 the Children’s Book Council of Australia has brought children and books together across Australia through CBCA Book Week. This year the theme for Book Week is: 

”Dreaming with eyes open....”

We are looking forward to seeing some fabulous costumes and we are really excited about inviting parents to our parade. See the flyer for further details. 


We are now well and truly in the planning phase for 2023 and as such it is important that we have a true and accurate indication of our student numbers for next year.  If you have neighbours or friends looking to enrol a student in 2023 please encourage them to contact the school office to organise enrolment forms.

If you are one of our existing families and relocating at the end of the year or leaving us for other reasons, please let us know as soon as possible.

Be your best each and every day...

Bernadette Pizaro

Curriculum News

Science Week

We have been celebrating Science Week.

National Science Week is Australia’s annual celebration of science and technology. It features more than 1000 events around Australia, including those delivered by universities, schools, research institutions, libraries, museums and science centres. The aim of Science Week is to engage and inspire people of all ages with science, engineering and technology.

A lesson based on the 2022 theme 'Glass - More than meets the eye' has been planned for teams to implement in their classrooms. We look forward to teachers sharing this week’s Science experiences in the newsletter or in the Week 8 newsletter.

The library is also getting into Science Week with a Science Works display and lots of interesting science books to read!

Book Week is here…

The Children’s Book Council of Australia celebrates Book Week from Saturday 20 to Friday 26 August and the theme is ‘Dreaming with eyes open…’

During Book Week, students will be engaging in exciting activities within their classrooms. These lessons are organised by their classroom teachers. During the week, each child will receive a special laminated bookmark to celebrate reading.

Tuesday 23 August - Story Quest performance

During Book Week, a special show is coming to our school on Tuesday. The different performances of STORY QUEST!  suit the different year levels watching.

  • 9:30AM – P - 2 for a Junior Version
  • 11:40AM – 5 - 6 for a Senior Version
  • 1:50PM – 3 - 4 for a General Version

Students have been learning some dance moves in class, so they can participate in the performance.

Just a reminder to all families to please finalise payment for the performance, which is available through Compass (Tickets are $8.50, you can use CSEF to pay for this event). Students without a ticket will not be able to participate. Please see our office, if you need assistance.

Friday 26 August at 9:30AM - Whole school costume parade

On Friday 26 August we have a costume parade and students can dress in their favourite costumes or outfits that are inspired by characters from their favourite stories! The parade will be on the basketball court in the morning at 9:30am and families will be welcome to attend. In the case of rain or severe weather, we would have smaller parades in the gym, and a timetable will be posted on Compass.

Certificates will be awarded to students with the best costumes in every grade.

At the parade, special book prizes will be awarded to cohort winners, with three additional prizes for best recycled costumes in the following categories - Prep to Grade 2, Grade 3 to 4 and Grade 5 to 6.

Winners for these special book prizes will be selected at the parade by our judging panel, which is made up of student leaders and teachers.

So please keep planning your child’s costumes. The children really love the day of dressing up as their favourite book characters and they can’t wait to see each other in all the different costumes.


On Friday 9 September, Grade 3 students will be exploring CERES and will take part in an educational program ‘Exploring Ecosystems’. They will explore and understand the important elements of a healthy habitat, identify a variety of different habitats for different wildlife and discuss the role of the community in working to maintain resilient ecosystems.

The trip to CERES will be a fun and exciting way to consolidate student knowledge and understanding of the ways to actively contribute to a world that is sustainable to all living creatures.

Preps are planning to visit Animal Land
in Term 4. The children will participate in a range of activities, which include making butter in a churn, having a tractor ride, milking a cow, riding a pony and hand feeding the ducks. They will get the opportunity to feel, smell and hear all the experiences of life on a farm. This links to their inquiry unit, as they are learning about living things throughout the term.

Grade 3/4 Camp to Mt Evelyn

Planning for the Grade 3/4 Camp to Mt Evelyn is underway and will be released on Compass soon. The camp will run for three days next term, from Wednesday 9 to Friday 11 November.

The camp has a number of facilities, which may be used by the children under supervision. The camp may include activities, such as the low ropes, giant swing, orienteering, initiative activities, a camp fire, etc.

This is the camp website if you would like additional information.

National eSmart Week is on from Monday 5 to Sunday 11 September in Week 9. This week aims to improve student wellbeing, encourage positive use of technology and decision-making, while reducing bullying, cyber bullying and anti-social behaviour. Important learning for children growing up in this age of digital technology, who all face new challenges their parents or carers may not have experienced.


Please watch our newsletter for articles and photos that share our students’ experiences and learning.

Amanda Lee
Assistant Principal Prep to Grade 2

Simon Rennick
Assistant Principal Grade 3 to 6

National Science Week 15 to 19 August

Our students enjoyed celebrating Science Week.

National Science Week is Australia’s annual celebration of science and technology. It features more than 1000 events around Australia, including those delivered by universities, schools, research institutions, libraries, museums and science centres.

Science Week aims to engage and inspire people of all ages with science, engineering and technology. The 2022 schools’ theme is Glass: more than meets the eye.

Students explored the science behind glass and discovered what it is and how we use it. They investigated the magnifying properties of glass and then created a stained glass window using cellophane. 

Here are some photos of the activities.

Science Week – Student Reflections


Glass lets light shine through and can be reflective. Chaitra Prep B

I learnt that glass can magnify things. Hasan Prep B

Glass can break. Grace Prep B

Grade 2

I learnt about glass and it’s made of very fine sand in a factory. I made a stained glass window. I liked the activity. Manvitha 2A

I liked the activity because it was fun and everyone’s stained glass windows looked nice. Gurnaaz 2A

We learnt lots of things about glass and lots of people loved the activity. Jehansa 2A

I liked the Science Day activity because it was fun. I liked making my stained glass window. Scarlett 2C

Science Day was great because I liked finding things with the magnifying glass. Younan 2C

We all liked Science Day. It was fun to do the experiments. Ibrahim 2C

Grade 3

“I loved cutting the paper because it was easy and fun.” Stephen 3B

“I loved it because it was so much fun and we got to learn about glass” Taylor 3B

“I liked how we got to choose what we liked to make our design” Billie 3B

“I loved gluing the cellophane and making it colourful” Ciana 3A

“I learnt glass is made out of sand” Alyra 3A

Grade 5

“It was fascinating watching how glass is made.” Jye 5B

“I didn’t know glass was made out of sand!” Maryam 5B

“I learned that you melt sand to make glass.” Hussein 5B

Grade 5 & 6 Inquiry - Chemical and Biological Science

Over the first 5 weeks of Term 3, students in Grades 5 and 6 participated in a series of different experiments aiming to build an understanding of the properties of the states of matter.

The experiments allowed students to investigate solids, liquids and gasses. They learnt to classify substances based on their properties and participated in experiments that focused on changes to materials, both reversible and irreversible.

Here are some pictures of the activities.

Read below to hear about some of the student’s favourite experiments!

We really enjoyed all the experiments and found them really interesting.

We have done many fun experiments, but our favourites are the lemon volcano and the blubber experiment. We found what happened interesting and fun. With the lemon experiment we mixed bicarb soda into the lemon, and it made an explosion because of the chemical reaction.

The blubber experiment was weird, we got a bucket of ice and water, plastic bags and filled one with lard (blubber) and had one without. We then dipped our hands into the bags and the one with the lard was warm but the one without was really cold.

  • Anjelina & Maryam 5B

The Inquiry experiments were very fun. There was the egg and vinegar experiment. We put an egg in a cup and filled it with vinegar. After 24 hours it went soft and rubbery.

After 48 hours it grew bigger, so we went outside to test if it would bounce. When we dropped it, it splattered everywhere. We found out that the vinegar softened the shell and preserved the insides.

We did another experiment; it was coke and mentos. We put the coke bottle in the sand pit. We opened the bottle and put in 6 mentos. The coke fizzed up and the liquid shot up into the sky and we had to take 3 big steps back. The sandpit was covered with coke.

  • Joshua & Finlay 5B

The lemon experiment was the first and best experiment that we did. Mr Saddington got us to mush up the inside of a lemon, drop food colouring in the lemon and sprinkle baking soda. The results had the lemons to be overflowing with coloured bubbles, it was amazing! Overall, everyone had so much fun and we learnt a lot of valuable lessons.

  • Alex – 6A

The experiment that I enjoyed was when we added corn flour into water. It is also called Oobleck. When you put your hand into the Oobleck slowly it would feel like a liquid. When you put your hand in really fast it would feel like a solid and you would struggle to put your hand into it.

  • Orlando – 6A


This term the year six’s have been participating in experimenting with different objects and materials in inquiry. We started off with seeing what happens when you mix lemon juice with food colouring and baking soda and it ended up exploding like a volcano. The next week we put celery in different coloured water, left if in for a few days and then observed what happened or changed. It turns out it only changed the colour of the tip of the celery. We did lots of other experiments like those including the bouncy egg experiment with vinegar, the dancing raisins also with vinegar, Coke and Mentos one and the Blubber experiment but my overall favourite has the Oobleck which was basically just water and corn flour yet it was so cool. We all had a fun time and look forward to more sessions like it!

  • Siddiqa 6A

Grade 5 Having Fun with Reading

The Grade 5 students have enjoyed some wonderful books this term.

Students were also involved in a ‘Book Tasting’ event earlier this term, which allows students to sample a selection of books from different topics and genres. Students were able to spend time exploring these new books, reading, writing reviews and creating a ‘must read’ list for the term.

Some of the genres included realistic fiction, mystery, fantasy, historical fiction, adventure, humour, graphic novels and biographies.

Students enjoyed this experience. They were able to find some books they would love to read next and they recommended books to other students.

We are planning another book tasting early next term for our students.

See some photos of this event.

Grade 2 Reader's Theatre

Students have been reading our Reader’s Theatre texts. The scripts are read as a character, which allows students to use their vocal expression to help the audience understand the story, instead of storytelling that uses visual elements, such as sets, costumes and movement.

Here are some reflections from our Grade 2 students:

In Reader's Theatre we read a text that has characters and the students have to read out their sentence.  We have been focusing on expression which is when we use a different type of voice. Gurnaaz 2A

Sometimes we have to do a loud voice or a soft voice depending on the character. Jehansa 2A

It has onomatopoeia. Ronan 2A

You have to try and think of what the character's voice is going to be, so you know what voice to use. Ellie 2A

I am trying very hard to change my voice to sound like the Troll Dilsher 2B

I got to perform as the King and rule the kingdom. Zander 2B

I like to read my lines in front of my friends. Sara 2B

I like when I change my voice to be the character I’m playing. Ina 2C

I like it because it's a fun way to learn reading. Holly M 2C

I like it because I get to change characters each week. Younan 2C

I enjoy the Reader's Theatre activities because they're really fun and we get to act it out. My group always works really well together when we are practicing it. Aleisha 2D

I like Reader's Theatre because we get to act it out in front of the class. I enjoy working with my group. Mason 2D

I enjoy Reader's Theatre because I get to perform the story with my friends. When we practice our performance I help my friends when they need help. Jethro 2D

Readers Theatre is so exciting because I can become the character in the play by acting it out. Georgia 2E

It helped me become a better reader and helped me control my tone and expression. Suhavi 2E

At first I was nervous but then we just had a laugh and it became easier to perform in front of the class. Zachary 2E

Here are some photos of the Grade 2 participating in Reader's Theatre.

Prep learning about time

Over the past two weeks in maths the Preps have been learning about time.

The children have been learning about what happens in the morning, afternoon and night as well as the days of the week and what they do on these days.

Here is some art work that the children completed during an art session with Mrs Giramondo. In this activity the children were required to draw, cut, glue and fringe the paper to design a day and night image.

Have a look at the Preps amazing work!

Prep Perceptual Motor Program

Last term Craigieburn Primary School commenced the Perceptual Motor Program ( PMP ) . Twice a week the children in Prep participate in a motor skill movement program co-lead by our Grade 6 buddies.

These sessions are targeted to help young students to focus and improve in their balance, hand/eye co-ordination and fitness. The children use a variety of equipment during carefully sequenced activities which include running, hopping, skipping, jumping, balancing, crawling, climbing, throwing, catching, bowling and sliding.

Here are some pictures of  the children during the activity.

This is what our Grade 6 Buddies have said about helping at PMP:

I have enjoyed watching the Preps have a great time and learn at PMP. Isabella - 6B

At PMP it’s great to see the Preps improving. I have made some friends and I have organised games for the Preps to play outside. We play hide and seek, tag and Duck, Duck Goose. Macee - 6B

At PMP I have learnt to be patient with the Preps. I like to help the Preps improve during PMP. Charity - 6B

It is fun at PMP. You get to help the Preps learn. We get to help them improve. Salma - 6B


Here are some recounts the Prep children have written about PMP:

When I go to PMP I like to go on the balance beam. By Stevie

I like to get on the trampoline. I am in yellow team. My leader is Khadija. By Lucy

On Wednesday and Monday, we have PMP and I am in green group. My leader is Mohamed. My favourite is the trampoline because I have a trampoline at home. By Samrath

At PMP we learn to jump and balance. I like going to PMP.  By Isabella

Every Monday we have PMP. My group is green. My favourite part is catching because I can catch with my friend. By Mohamed

On Monday we go to PMP. My favourite part is the balloon pat. At balloon pat you need a bat. First, I throw the balloon then I look with my eyes and catch. By Elora

At PMP I like balloon pat. I am in blue group. By Tyler

First, we take off our socks and shoes. Then we go to our group. I am in green group with Ekam, Mohamed and Samrath. Next, we play. Finally, we pack up. My favourite part is on the trampoline because I can jump as high as a kangaroo. By Nabil

I go to PMP. I like to play. By Ekam

On Monday and Wednesday, we do PMP. We do jumping. I am in the yellow team. My leader is Stevie. My favourite part is to go on the rope. By Milla

I like the trampoline. I am in yellow group for PMP. My leader is Khadija. I like going to the balloon pat. By Sia

On Mondays and Wednesdays, we go to PMP. We go after lunch. My leader is Khadija. My favourite part was the obstacle course because I like to go on the stepping stones. By Yusuf

I like the balloon pat. I am in blue group. By Storm

Pyjama Day @ CPS

3B were very excited to be dressed all warm and comfy on a cold day for Craigieburn Primary School’s Pyjama Day!

We had a great day and particularly enjoyed our mini slumber party during eating time, where they enjoyed some yummy donuts and snacks.

It was great to see so many smiling faces on students and teachers enjoying themselves throughout the day. A great whole school event.

Thank you to the Community Events and Fundraising Group for organising this event.

Click here for some photos of the day.

District Athletics

On Wednesday 10 August a selection of students from Grades 4, 5 and 6 participated in the District Athletics at the Meadowglen Athletics track.

Students competed against other schools in a series of track and field events, including high jump, triple jump, shotput, 800m run, 100m sprint and many others. Although not everyone went home with a 1st, 2nd or 3rd place ribbons, students thoroughly enjoyed this event and the winners of each division will prepare to compete in Division Athletics on Tuesday 6 September.

Congratulations to all the students that represented our school, we are very proud of you all.

Congratulations to the following students that placed 1st, 2nd or 3rd during their event.

Grade 4:

Cooper 1st in 200 metres
James- 2nd in hurdles
Aariya. H- 2nd in high jump
Angad- 2nd in 100 metres  
Emma- 3rd in relay
Arya. D- 3rd in relay
Brylee- 3rd in 100 metres and 3rd in relay
Lucas- 3rd in high jump
Chelsy- 3rd in hurdles and 3rd in relay

Grade 5:

Grady- 2nd in hurdles and 3rd in 1500 metres
Jake- 2nd in 200 metres and 3rd in high jump
Liam- 2nd in 800 metres
Amirah- 2nd in high jump 

Grade 6:

Peter- 1st in 200 metres
Nevaeh- 2nd in 800 metres  
Sara- 3rd in 100 metres
Aalyiah- 3rd in 800 metres
Diab- 3rd in 100 metres  
Chiara- 3rd in shotput

Here are some photos of the children during their events.

2022 Book Week

Craigieburn PS staff and students are counting down the days for the upcoming ‘Book Week’ celebrations.

We currently have two events timetabled for our students:
Tuesday 23 August - Story Quest performance
Friday 26 August at 9:30AM - Whole school costume parade on the basketball court.

During the week students will be engaging in exciting activities within their classrooms that are organised by their teachers.
Just a reminder to all families to finalise payment for the performance which is available through Compass (Cost is $8.50, you can use CSEF for this activity)

Our costume parade on Friday will be running on the basketball court in the morning at 9:30AM and families will be welcome to attend. In the case of rain or severe weather, we will implement an alternative plan for the day. On the day of the costume parade, students can dress in their favourite costumes or outfits that are inspired by characters from their favourite stories! 

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact the school on 9308 1228.

We are very excited and cannot wait to celebrate!

2022 Book Week Flyer

Student Wellbeing

Peta Coulthard-Clark (Mental Health Wellbeing Coordinator) has been busy running and supporting several student-led activities throughout the school.

Here are some of the activities that have started around the school:


Deadly Club

Our Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students have had their first ‘Deadly Club’ meeting. Their first task was to create signage and a boundary around the garden before weeding and planting can begin. Thank you to Mrs Samantha Mizzi, who donated over 30 wildflowers, grasses and shrub tube stock.  These will be used to add variety and diversity to our school gardens.

Here is what a few of our students said after their first club meeting -

Today, we made signs for our indigenous garden. Tristan 5C

It’s 'DEADLY'. Madison 3A

There are more ‘Deadlies’ at CPS than you think! Isabella 6B


Lego Club

LEGO Club has ‘bricked off’ for grade two students with plenty of creative minds working together to design the ultimate shop.  We had a fantastic turnout and would like to encourage more year two students to have a build. 


Lunchtime Dodgeball Competitions

The CPS House Captains recently ran Grade 3 and Grade 4 Dodgeball games.

Our House Captains asked a few students what they thought of the activity at the end of the Grade 4 session:

 It was really fun, when I went to get the ball, everyone ran away!  Noah 4D

 It was exciting, I was nervous at first, but I had a lot of fun!  Tehani 4D

 It was a big team effort, and we all had a lot of fun! Arya 4D

 I enjoyed it, I liked how I got better and got out the other players. Roscoe 4D

CPS Staff Pets

Craigieburn Primary School staff would like to share our pet photos with the school community!

These fluffy, furry and feathery (plus one scaly!) friends kept us company during lockdown and now their photos keep us company in the staffroom.

Student of the Week Term 2 Week 4

Congratulations to the following students for being awarded with Student of the Week.

Amazing effort!


Name of Student





For writing a great recount about our 100 Days of School. Keep up the great work Ariyan!




For his resilience in reading! Well done, Kayan!




For showing the school value of resilience.




For always showing our school values.  Well done, Aidan!




For always being helpful in our class and showing kindness to others.




For showing all the school values in the classroom.




For trying your best with your writing and stretching tricky words. Keep it up!




For always trying his best with all his work and being resilient. Great effort Musa!




For being a helpful member of our class and always showing the value of kindness.




For being a great friend and helping others whenever you can.




For reading with great expression during our Reader’s Theatre lessons




For trying really hard with his work!




For your impressive attention to detail that you apply to your work during Inquiry. You are a star!




For always being a kind and caring friend




For being a polite and respectful member of 3B.




For your fantastic effort and collaboration in assisting your inquiry group with creating an amazing environmental poster.




For trying extra hard with his writing.




For always  putting in an amazing amount of effort into his writing. You are awesome! 😊 




For making smart choices and taking responsibility for his learning! Love this positive attitude! Keep up the great work!




For his amazing effort with his learning this week. Keep it up Boyd!




For always trying your best in every session. Well done!




For being able to count beyond 100 in 10’s. I’m so HAPPY!




For always having such a big and wonderful smile and being such a positive class member. Well done, Eligh




For showing great sportsmanship and enthusiasm during Sport this week. Keep it up! 😊




For writing excellent poems and always showing the school values. Well done!




For showing our school values and being an amazing and helpful class member! Keep it up!




For drafting and performing his protest poem. Well done!




For confidently sharing her writing with the class.




For a 100% effort and taking great pride in his work. Keep it up Lincoln!




For his enthusiasm and thoughtful contributions to our class discussions.




For the most beautiful and expressive reading of our class novel. It was a pleasure to listen!!



P - 2

Gurseerat 2D


For working well with her partner and creating an interesting critter house design.



3 - 6

Shai, Charity, Isabella, Mehakpreet 6B

For a very thoughtful design and consideration of simple machines.



P - 2

Elijah 2B

For showing the school value of resilience in team games.



3 - 6

Mitchell 3C

For being a great team leader and supporting his fellow peers in basketball.


Student of the Week Term 2 Week 5

Congratulations to the following students for being awarded with the Student of the Week.

Keep up the amazing work!


Name of Student




For being an enthusiastic learner and helper. Keep up the wonderful work Milla!



For always putting in 100% in everything you do. Well done, Gurnoor



For her excellent effort in Maths this week. Well done!



For being a Superstar and always showing our school values.  Well done, Amelia!



For trying hard to improve his reading! Well done, Pedro!



For improvement in her writing!



For trying his best in reading. Well done!



For showing the values of kindness and responsibility. Keep up the great effort! 😊



For amazing work when reading with his teacher this week!



For your awesome teamwork during your Reader’s Theatre sessions.



For great participation in classroom discussions!



For demonstrating the school value of resilience. Keep up the awesome effort!



For your hilarious portrayal of the tortoise during reader’s theatre. 😊



For always being so helpful around the classroom



For always following instructions and showing responsibility.



For using great problem solving skills and being resilient.



For displaying kindness in class.



For being amazing at the Werribee Zoo and doing some awesome research on African animals.



For her positive attitude and persistence during maths this week.



For always trying his best with his learning!



For creating an excellent map in her maths session. Well done!



For always listening carefully and coming up with unique ideas during lessons. You Shine!



For having a positive attitude towards his learning, particularly reading. Well done!



For showing resilience during class this week!



For showing independence in his learning. Keep it up! 😊



For her growth in confidence and always showing the school values! Thank you!



For her fantastic participation in welfare activities this week.



For completing her work with enthusiasm and always trying her best.



For completing some wonderful descriptive writing. Well done, Isabella! 



For her enthusiasm and participation in class discussions. Well done!



For amazing narrative writing! Wow oh wow!



P - 2

Nabil PA

For showing great acting skill while we were “Going on a Bear Hunt” in the Performing Arts room



3 - 6

Rami 3D

For showing enthusiasm when learning about the notes in the C Major Scale using the ‘Boomwhackers.’



P - 2

Grace and Iris PB

For working well as partners to create a product.


3 - 6

Avery, Anastasia & Giselle 4A

For a great start to their hybrid habitat project


P - 2

Tyler PA

For getting up in front of the class and setting high expectations for himself and his peers in P.E.


3 - 6

Jaxon 4A

For competing to the best of his ability in District Athletics. Well done! You did awesome.


P - 2

Chelsea 2E

Awesome collage of a Dr Seuss Character


3 - 6

Mohnoor &

Chloe 4E

Amazing colourful mixed media picture of amazon jungle. Super Job!

2022 Father's Day Stall

Father's Day is fast approaching...

Can you spare some time to help us at the upcoming Father's Day Stall? The CPS Father's Day Stall will be held on Thursday 1 and Friday 2 September.

Parents' Club need lots of support to run this event, please let the office know if you are able to help on either (or both) of these days.

Every child visits the stall.

A variety of gifts on sale from 50c to $8.00.

2022 Father's Day flyer