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Friday 11 November

Principal's Report

Today we celebrate Remembrance Day and remember the soldiers both past and present who serve our country. This special Memorial Day is observed in Commonwealth member states since the end of the First World War to honour armed forces members who have died in the line of duty. Following a tradition inaugurated by King George V in 1919, the day is also marked by war remembrances in many non-Commonwealth countries. We thank our school leaders and Ms Allen for the WebEx tribute engaging all students across all classes. 

Today we welcome back our Year 3/ 4 campers after spending 3 days at Mt Evelyn. We hope all who participated has a wonderful time.  Thank you to Mr Rennick for the updates and images of our campers enjoying their time at camp, the activities look AMAZING.  A BIG thank you to the staff and parents attending camp. We know our campers will enjoy a well-deserved break over the weekend.


Curriculum Day

Our staff participated in a Data, Assessment and Reporting day on Monday 31 October. Teachers worked together to evaluate a range of student data including NAPLAN, Maths Online, Fountas Pinnell Reading and Attendance using the What, So What and Now What protocol. As part of our focus on improving our consistent approach to data literacy and data dialogue discussions. A BIG thank you to our Leading Teachers for running the day.



We are in the process of recruiting a number of new-staff to CPS for 2023. We will update the community at the end of year of staff who have new positions at other schools, those who will be commencing family leave, returning from leave, taking leave and any new staff we welcome to our dynamic team.


Prep Transition

Today we welcomed our 2023 Prep students to the first of three transition days. A BIG thank you to our student leaders for their support in welcoming our new prep students and their parents to our school. It was wonderful to see the smiles on all the faces of the students and sheer excitement to be at school, showing much enthusiasm and independence in their readiness for school.


Community Events and Fundraising Committee

Many thanks to all those that have contributed towards our fundraising efforts this year.

The chilldren and staff had a fun day celebrating the Weird and Wonderful Dress Up and Crazy Hair Day that was held recently. Look at our photo gallery to see some of the weird and wonderful outfits from the day.

Our next BIG event will be the COLOUR EXPLOSION School Fun Run on

FRIDAY 2 DECEMBER    Woo hoo! It’s time to start fundraising! 🎉💰
Students have received their sponsorship booklet and can now create their online profile at www.australianfundraising.com.au.
Big prizes are up for grabs! Raise at least $10 and your child will receive a selection of awesome prizes. You can also share in $200k of extra prize credit, win a Razor Prize Pack, and become a Fundraising MonSTAR! ⭐


Mobile Phones

We have an increasing number of students who bring their mobile phones to

school. Students are required to hand these phones into their classroom teacher as soon as

they enter the classroom in the morning and then collect them at the end of the day. Students are not permitted to use their phones during the day, or while they are on

school grounds. We would appreciate it if you could also re-enforce this at

home too.


Pokémon Cards

We have had number of students bring Pokémon cards to school to swap and trade. Unfortunately, this has caused a large number of disagreements, arguments and negative tension between friends and peers requiring teaching intervention. These negative behaviours are often happening on a daily basis and go against our school values. We have therefore made the decision to ban Pokémon cards at school. We would appreciated if parents could ensure that children do not bring these to school. Children found with Pokémon will be asked to hand them to the teacher for parents to collect. We thank you for your support.

Remain vigilant for COVID-19

The school hat must be worn at all times during play in Term 4.


Be your best, each and every day...

Bernadette Pizaro

Curriculum News

Term 4 Curriculum Day

On Monday 31 October, teachers engaged in analysis of Craigieburn Primary School’s Literacy and Numeracy data, with a focus on our school’s next steps to improve our student learning outcomes. During this Professional Learning, teachers were introduced to the PAT Assessment platform. This is an improved online testing format and will replace the current computer tests used in Grade 3 to Grade 6.


PAT assessment generates improved reports for teachers to assist data analysis and inform our CPS teaching and learning programs. The test is similar to online NAPLAN testing, so an added benefit will be the improvement of the digital technology skills needed by our students.


Moving into the Teen Years - Grade 6

A parent information session was held in Week 1 this term and the first session of the Grade 6 Incursion - Moving into the Teen Years was held on Monday this week. This program is designed to enhance self-esteem, consolidate previous sexuality and relationship education, while developing communication and decision making skills.

During the sessions, students explore a range of adolescent issues that will assist them with their transition to secondary school.


Grade 3/4 Camp to Mt Evelyn YMCA Camp

On Wednesday morning, 105 excited students departed for the Grade 3/4 Camp, along with teachers and parents who support camp organisation and activities. The Mt Evelyn campsite enables students to participate in adventure activities that provide challenges, such as low ropes, giant swing, orienteering and initiative activities. Camps help students practise social skills, as most activities at camp involve teamwork, communication and listening.

The children arrived safely, and we look forward to sharing their news and photos in the next newsletter. Our campers are expected to return by 3.15pm on Friday and we will keep you informed of their progress through Compass.


Prep Transition Program

Next year’s Prep students have commenced their transition to school.

On Tuesday and Wednesday this week, our Grade 5 students visited the Malcom Creek Kindergarten to meet many 2023 buddies. These Grade 5 students will be our school leaders in 2023 and will support their new Prep buddies throughout the year. This opportunity to meet older students provides Preps with familiar faces to ask for help and encourages our older students to take on new responsibilities.

Next week the kinder students will visit the Grade 5 rooms to further develop connections with their Grade 6 buddies.

Our Prep Transition Program includes many lessons and experiences to help children become familiar with the school, including new routines and expectations, ensuring the first day of Prep is not so overwhelming for students. Their first visit to CPS Prep rooms is this Friday.

Amanda Lee

Assistant Principal Prep to Grade 2

Simon Rennick

Assistant Principal Grade 3 to 6

Run4Fun - Colour Run

Thank you to all of the Craigieburn Primary School community, what an amazing job you did fundraising for this event!

Prizes will be delivered to children soon.

2023 Prep Transition Program

We welcomed our future Prep students today with their first onsite transition visit in the Grade Prep classrooms. These sessions will help students become familiar with our school routines so they can make a confident start to school. There are two more transition sessions for our future Preps to experience onsite.

We also invite you to engage as a family in the following parts of our program. These events and tasks will provide you with the opportunity to learn more about Craigieburn Primary School, what you can expect for your child in starting formal learning, as well as some ‘virtual’ Prep lessons for your child to participate in.

Please see date and times of upcoming events below:




At CPS Part 1


Lunch Orders

Prep Assessment



Tuesday 15th November

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Teacher Activity


Maths with
Ms. Janineh

Tuesday 15th November

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At CPS Part 2



Maths & Literacy

*Maria Battisti (Maths Learning Specialist) to speak

Tuesday 22nd November

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Teacher Activity


Rhyme Time with Ms. Battisti

Tuesday 22nd November

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Transition Session 2


Transition Session with a Prep Teacher

Friday 25th November



Maths Olympiad and Games


Congratulations to all the students who participated in the 2022 Maths Olympiad/ Games. The teams participated in weekly training sessions as well as challenging tests across Term Two and Three.

Each of the Maths Olympiad/ Games tests were comprised of five mathematical questions that tested the students’ abilities in mathematical problem solving and reasoning.

Over the last two terms, the Maths Olympiad and Games students have demonstrated great persistence, resilience and a growth mindset towards their mathematics problem solving, whilst attempting what could be very challenging tasks and problems within a short amount of time.

All children who participated in the competition received a certificate. The following children received awards:

Sarah received a trophy for achieving the highest score as well as a badge for being in the top 10% of students.

Nikhil received a special encouragement certificate and a patch for being in the top 25%.

Logan, Manreet. Keith, Pranjal & Anjelina received a Maths Games Patch.

A big thanks to the following teachers who assisted in coaching the students throughout the year:

Miss Dogan, Mr Richardson, Mrs Coulthard-Clarke, Mr Jones, Mr Soares, Mrs Sidhu & Mrs Rotondi.

Here are some photos of the students with their awards.

Weird and Wonderful Wednesday - Grade 2 Writing Recount

On Wednesday 2 November, all the Grade 2 kids and teachers did outside rotations on the CPS basketball court. First, I played bowling with Mrs. Kambouris and it was so fun. Next, I played throw and catch with Mr. Jones. My partner was Devrim.

Then, I played a game where I had held a spoon and inside it is an egg. We had to walk different ways every time. I did it with Ms. Bowman.

After that, with Ms. Sadik I played hopscotch in different modes like one finger on our noses or dancing.

Finally, with Miss Kirkham we played down ball. I didn’t like it that much. My favourite part was when I got my first five in a row in the throw and catch game with Mr. Jones. I am really happy that these lovely teachers planned this for the grade twos.

Aroosh 2D


On Wacky Wednesday, after recess, the Grade 2 students and teachers went out on the two basketball courts and the teachers put us into groups. Then we played 5 rotation games. My favourite game was bowling with Mrs Kambouris. Afterwards we wrote a plan for a recount of the rotation games. Ayden 2A


First, we showed off our Wacky outfits then we went to the rotations. I went to Ms Bowman’s egg and spoon race rotation first. My favourite rotations were the downball game and the egg and spoon races. Shayna 2C


On Wednesday everyone from Grade 2 played at the basketball court. It was drizzling when we got there. The rain stopped lately. First, all of the Grade 2 students sat down at the basketball court. While we waited, Mrs Kambouris told some of the Grade 2s to show their Wacky Costumes. Next the teachers set the rotations games up and teachers took each line to their activity. Then our line went to downball with Miss Kirkham. The game was amazing and easy. My favourite rotation was Miss Kirkham’s downball, Mr Jones’ throw and catch and Mrs Kambouris’s bowling. Imaanveer 2B


Last week we had the coolest day! My highlight of the rotations was the bowling. It was funny! Mariam 2E

Here are some photos from the fun day.

Visual Art Report

The children have been very busy in Visual Arts this term, make sure to look at the photo gallery of all their exciting work.

Deadly Club

The Deadly Club has had two projects they are working on, our first project was weeding and planting in our Craigieburn Primary School Indigenous Garden and creating signage around the area to protect our new plants.  We are pleased to see the new seedlings growing well with all the rain.

Our second project is based around connecting with our local community.  We have been lucky to have four year 9 students attend C.P.S as part of their ‘Community’ elective.  Our Deadly club began creating a Craigieburn Primary painted rock river which will be placed in the Indigenous Garden space, meandering towards the frog pond.

The Deadly club began our rock river by creating and painting indigenous inspired designs whilst discussing connections to each other, culture promotion and our garden improvement.

Families are invited to participate in the activity and space by creating a rock at home with their children.

  • You find a flat rock
  • Paint it and/or write on it, possibly including words or statements on how your child demonstrates our school values: resilience, responsibility, and kindness
  • Return it to your teacher.

We will then add them all to the Craigieburn Primary values rock river.

The activity will create a colourful river of rocks that remind students of all the ways we can demonstrate our values.

There are plenty of examples online, they give tips and instruction please find some below.

50+ Super Fun And Creative Rock Painting Ideas - Smart Fun DIY

How to paint rocks. Amazing answers to your first questions (rockpainting101.com)

Easy Painted Rocks That Are Fun to Make & Tips! - Mod Podge Rocks

Click here to see some photos of the activities from our group.

Lunchtime Sport

We have had a wonderful start to our term four lunchtime sports with over 200 Grade 3 to 6 students signing up to be a part of either a netball or football team. 

Our games have been run and refereed by our House and School captains. 

Cheer squads have been swelling and taking up prime position around the oval and courts with enthusiastic cheering for favoured teams. 

Here are some photos of the fun being had during lunchtime sports.

Student of the Week - Term 4 Week 4

Congratulations to the following students, they were awarded witht Student of the Week for week 4 in Term 4.

Keep up the great work!


Name of Student




For always displaying our school values of kindness. Keep up the great work!



For a huge improvement in her reading and writing. Well done, Gabriella!



For his super effort in Maths this week. Well done!



For practising his Magic Words. Great effort Isaac!



For trying her best with maths this week. Well done!



For a big improvement in her reading this year!



For working so hard and always having a go. Keep up the fantastic work Tyrone!



For trying his best with all his work. Fantastic effort!



For always showing our school value of kindness and being a great friend!



For settling into our school with amazing resilience and responsibility.



For having a great attitude during our Maths lessons.



For always having a positive attitude to his learning. Keep it up!




For always showing our school values and having a fabulous attitude.



For working so hard on answering questions to texts he has read! Well done, Anish!



For his amazing effort in all learning tasks. Excellent work!



For enjoying the reading of Charlotte’s Web and sharing her thoughts in class discussions. Well done!



For always doing the right thing!



For showing so much growth in the classroom and in your learning. Well done, Gabriel.



For always having beautiful manners and being a role model for the value of kindness!



For always showing kindness and responsibility!



For consistently trying to improve his learning in all areas. Keep it up!



For working hard in maths on finding the area and perimeter of regular shapes. Well done, Blake!



For your great effort in writing and publishing your persuasive text. Well done, Cheyanne!



For challenging yourself in Maths and always showing our school values. Keep it up 😊



For always showing the school values and doing her best in all areas of learning. Well Done!



For displaying resilience in class and during playtimes. Well done!



For always displaying sensible and responsible behaviours in the classroom.



For always showing the school values and treating her classmates with kindness!



For showing responsibility and focusing on his learning.



For displaying fairness and responsibility whilst playing basketball with his friends and peers during recess and lunchtime breaks.


P - 2

Melissa 2B

For investigating our new project with enthusiasm.


3 - 6

Maya 3C

Danicia 3C

Danyal 3C

For always trying her best and sharing ideas with her team.

For participating with her group beautifully.

For thinking hard about his technology problem and how it can be practically built, then adding so many extra details to his design.


P - 2

Ian 2D

For showing sportsmanship and remembering to say “well done” to the losing team.


3 - 6

Lucas 4E

For always being responsible and trying his best in P.E.


P - 2

Alisha 1A

For painting a wonderful abstract of a fish. Great colours!


3 - 6

Jye 5B

For such a fabulous effort throughout the semester and great painting Jye.

Student of the Week - Term 4 Week 5

Congratulations to the following students for being awarded the Student of the Week.


Name of Student




For making a wonderful effort with his writing this week. Congratulations!



For displaying the school value of resilience in the PMP room.  Well done, Evie!



For his excellent effort in reading this term. Well done!



For showing our school value of resilience.  Well done, William!



For a great start at Craigieburn PS.  Well done!



For a fantastic improvement in all her work this year!



For displaying all the school values. You are a superstar!



For being so helpful during Inquiry sessions and doing his best work!



For your hard work and dedication to your learning. Keep up the amazing work!



For following all our school values!



For amazing work in Mathematics. Well done, Josh!



For showing the school value of resilience.



For your outstanding work in Maths and for always challenging yourself. Great job!



For consistently showing the CPS school values, and always being a kind and enthusiastic member of our grade



For making excellent inferences in reading. Well done!



For demonstrating our school values of kindness and responsibility when welcoming our new student.



For trying her best all the time!



For her positive attitude towards her work and always trying her best



For a wonderful effort publishing her picture story book!



For making great contributions to the classroom discussions!



For always having an excellent work ethic and remaining on task. Keep being you Nigar!



For your hard work and dedication to your learning and always putting in 100%. Keep it up!



For always coming to school with a smile on your face and contributing to class discussions. Keep it up Ian 😊



For having a great attitude in your learning this week and always trying your best! Well done, Jarred 😊



For showing kindness by looking out for other students in the yard! So proud of you! 😊



For displaying the school value of responsibility in all areas of her schooling. Well done!



For making sensible and responsible choices in the classroom!



For always putting in an excellent effort into everything you do. Well done!



For always striving to do her best in all areas of learning and for continually displaying our school values.



For always having a positive attitude to her learning and being a great role model within the classroom.


P - 2

Jehansa 2A

For starting her project so well.


3 - 6

Selena 5C

For a wonderful start to her team’s project


P - 2

Rami 1B

For showing incredible soccer skills in P.E.


3 - 6

Liam 5A

For persisting and supporting his team in volleyball.


P - 2

Ian 2D

For fantastic painting of an abstract fish and a great effort this term


3 - 6

Isu 4D

For great use of colour and great shapes in your abstract sea scape painting.

Camp Australia OSHC Term 4 Incursions

Community Information