A Message from the Principal

I am delighted to welcome you the Craigieburn Primary School website.


Craigieburn Primary School established in 1956, we have been at our current location since 2013.  We are enthusiastically committed to improving the outcomes for every student at our school.


We provide differentiated learning using a range of opportunities to develop the skills, interests of our students providing teaching approaches that are designed to meet the needs of all children in our care.


At Craigieburn Primary School our school culture places a great emphasis on establishing a dynamic partnership between staff, students and parents and together we make our students' schooling positive, successful and engaging.


Craigieburn Primary School is an inclusive learning environment where all students feel safe, are respected and highly challenged. Our teachers work in effective teams, planning for the success and learning of every child in the school. All of the staff at the school are highly professional, dedicated and caring. They provide quality learning experiences for the students that address their individual needs within a supportive learning environment.


At Craigieburn Primary School, our actions are shaped by our school values of responsibility, kindness and resilience. Everyone at Craigieburn Primary School is part of an ongoing learning journey; students, teachers, and leaders. We value learning as an ongoing process as we strive to make every day count.


Our staff participate in weekly collaborative professional learning framed by our school goals and priorities. Teachers and leaders follow rigorous planning cycles, analysing data to evaluate and diagnose student needs and to plan responsively to facilitate learning growth for all students. Student interests, needs, and questions inform teachers of the appropriate teaching and learning experiences that are required for particular cohorts of students and are central in the planning process.


We celebrate effort and reward excellence in all endeavours. We commit to maximising the learning growth of every child by providing a rich curriculum and evidence-based practices of teaching. As well as the classroom teaching teams, students have access to specialist classrooms and teachers for STEM, Visual Art, Performing Art, Physical Education and Italian.


Everything we do at Craigieburn Primary School emphasises an opportunity to learn with the view that all children can achieve success given the opportunity, support and motivation through the strong performance and development culture that we have at the school. The setting of individual targets and monitoring student progress ensures that every child experience high levels of success. Supporting students to develop the skills to make positive contributions to their local, national, and global communities, will benefit our community now and in the years to come.


We will work with your children to achieve our School Vision:

‘For all children to reach their full potential and become effective members of society’


I would like to extend an invitation to prospective families to visit or call the school to arrange a tour of our facilities.


Bernadette Pizaro