Craigieburn Primary implements the CASEA program developed by the Royal Children’s Hospital, funded by the Mental Health branch of the Victorian Government’s Department of Human Services, and supported by the Victorian Department of Education and Training and other community organisations.


Interventions for behaviour problems can be successful if they are coordinated, aimed at multiple domains of dysfunction, and delivered over extended periods. Intervention should be multi-system and aim to target the child, parent, family and school.


Child-focussed interventions

  • designed to improve children’s capacity to regulate their behaviour, improve social relationships with others and their social problem-solving skills.


 Family/parent interventions

  • designed to improve parenting skills and family relationships.


School-based interventions

  • designed to improve classroom and playground behaviour at school. This includes teacher skill development, class wide interventions, curriculum-based interventions, individual therapy and multi-component interventions.