Visual Arts

Learning in the Arts is unique, expressive, creative and communicative. They engage students in critical and creative thinking and helps them understand themselves and the world. In every society the arts plays a pivotal role socially and culturally. Learning in the Arts allows students to communicate their perceptions, observations, understandings and concepts drawn from other areas of the curriculum.


The aims of the Visual Arts program are twofold:

  1. To introduce children to the world of art, how to respond to art, and derive meaning from works of art. Students will be encouraged to evaluate the success of their own art making and make personal and informed judgements of art works, theirs, of others and those of famous Artists.
  2. To give students the opportunity to learn what it means to be creative as well as to learn many techniques and skills along the way. Conventions and basic elements such as Line, Shape, Colour, pattern and Space will be incorporated into each lesson.

Students participating in the Art program will be supplied with an art smock and be instructed in appropriate use and care of materials. Throughout the year, there will be opportunity for students to enter their artwork in the Whittlesea Show to be held during the first week in November.