Specialist Timetable

At Craigieburn Primary School we offer a range of Specialist subjects which allow the children to develop their skills further in the area of science, humanities and digital technologies. Students participate in these lessons for three hours each week. Art / Italian Immersion and Physical Education  occur weekly for all students. Performing Arts and STEM occur weekly for one Semester. Digital Technologies are taught throughout the regular classroom programs.

Students have the opportunity to borrow books from the School Library. Our School participates in the Premiers' Reading Challenge.

VISUAL ARTS - We have two specialised Art Rooms where the children participate in many varied activities. The Art room has a set of Art Smocks for children to wear to protect their clothing.

PHYSICAL EDUCATION - Children participate in regular Physical Education activities. Our Grade 6 students participate in the Inter-School sports program on Friday mornings.


PERFORMING ARTS - Students have the opportunity to experience music, drama and performing in a number of ways including our School Concert, Christmas performances and the School Choir.


STEM -  Science, Technology,  Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) at Craigieburn Primary School is a hands-on experience that encourages students to design, plan, innovate, think critically and question the world around them.