Photo Gallery


CPS Colour Fun Run


Football (Soccer) Gala Day


Grade 2 Staycation


Prep - Reading with Expression


Grade 3 & 4 Mt Evelyn Camp


Prep - learning about measurement


Grade 4 Police Incursion


Grade 5 Kinder Transition


Weird and Wacky Day


Visual Art work in Term 4


Deadly Club


Lunch time Sport


Maths Olympiad and Games awards


Grade 1 Wet Weather Activity


Grade 5 Dr Cameron Stelzer Incursion


Prep learning about time


STEM projects


Prep Animal Land Excursion


Interschool Maths Competition


Grade 4 Expo


Victorian State School Spectacular


Grade 3 CERES Excursion


eSmart Week


Division Athletics


Prep Oral Language Program


Prep - learning 3D shapes


Prep - Maths learning about teen numbers


Book Week


Book Week Parade Winners


Art - Grade 2 & 3


Prep - Saving Water


Prep - Seed Planting


Grade 1 Science


District Athletics


Grade 5 / 6 Inquiry - Science


National Science Week


Prep Perceptual Motor Program


Prep learning about time


CPS Pyjama Day


Grade 5 Book Tasting


Prep 100 Days of School


School Tree Day


Grade 4 Werribee Zoo Excursion


Grade 1 Zoo Excursion


Prep Ladybug work


Jack Frost visits CPS


Prep Mathematics - Patterns


The Importance of the 'Pleasure of Reading' - Herald Sun visit


Grade 2 Melbourne Zoo Excursion


Prep reading


Prep St John's Ambulance Incursion


Prep Safety Squad Incursion


Term 2 Grade 6 Interschool Sports Gala


STEM projects


Sorry Day


Prep Data Collection


Prep Reading


National Simultaneous Storytime


Australian Rules Football Clinic


Maths Games and Olympiad


Prep Inquiry and Writing


Craigieburn Secondary College transition visit


Interschool Maths Competition


Preps participating in Maths


Grade 2 Harmony Day activities


Grade 3 Harmony Day activities


Grade 5 Harmony Day activities


Grade 6 Graffiti Prevention Incursion


Prep Multicultural Day


Preps Teddy Bears' Picnic


Grade 5 / 6 Portsea Camp


Interschool Sports Gala Day


National Day of Action against Bullying and Violence


Clean Up Australia Day


Preps in the library


Grade 3 Mathematics


Grade 6 Learning to Learn


Grade 1 Inquiry




Building of the new classrooms





100 Days of Prep


Book Week


Rides Day


Teddy Bears Picnic