Excursions & Incursions

Educational excursions and visiting artists are an important aspect of the school curriculum.  Parents are asked to encourage their child’s participation in these activities.  Whenever possible, a small number of parents are invited to accompany excursion groups.  However, it is school policy that pre-school children cannot be taken on excursions.  Parents are always given prior notice of excursions.


The Department of Education & Early Childhood Development requires that parents sign a “permission to attend” form for each excursion.  Included on this form is also a statement of permission for the teacher in charge to seek medical advice for your child if necessary.  This is not intended to frighten parents, but to enable teachers to act quickly on the rare occasions that this may be necessary.


Any money sent to school for excursions should be placed inside an envelope, with the child’s name, grade, and purpose of the money written on the front.  The child then places this in a bag in their classroom, that is sent to the office.  Parents can place the envelopes in the collection box at the office they wish.


Deadlines for money and notes will be strictly observed. 


If financial considerations are relevant to you at any time, please contact the school  “prior to the deadline.”   We will assist in making personal arrangements for you.