All children will visit the Library each week for a borrowing session. Children will borrow with their class teacher. Books may be borrowed for one week and should be returned on the morning of the next visit. All children require a book bag to protect the books they borrow.


Borrowing is not allowed without a book bag, so please encourage your child to remember their book bag each week.

Suggestions for a suitable book bag include:

  • A pillow case
  • Two tea towels sewn together
  • A cloth bag
  • Library Bags available to purchase from Essential Clothing

Children will be familiarized with the borrowing and returning procedures, and the different sections of the library, to enable them to locate and borrow books in which they are interested.


Please encourage your child to borrow regularly, as reading is a most important skill, as well as a great leisure activity that they can use throughout their lives.


Every year our school participates in the Premiers' Reading Challenge.

To meet the challenge children

  • from Prep to Grade 2 need to read or experience 30 books;
  • from Grades 3 to 6 need to read 15 books.

During Term 1 enrolment forms become available for students. The challenge normally ends in September.

Children that meet the challenge will be awarded with a certificate and have their name included in the online honour roll.


Click here to find out more about the Premiers' Reading Challenge.