Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) covers a wide range of knowledge and skills, which are increasingly in demand in a knowledge-based economy and a rapidly changing world.


STEM at Craigieburn Primary School is a hands-on experience that encourages students to design, plan, innovate, think critically and question the world around them.


Projects are broken into Ask / Imagine / Design - Create - Test / Improve, with reflections on what and how being incorporated into each lesson through discussion.


Students are able to practice simple science skills and use science related tools. Design processes, representing, modelling, and design-based problem-solving are the basis of the STEM Program.

Students are encouraged to apply their own ideas and approaches to designing and creating solutions to everyday challenges in the community. The students are presented with a problem at the beginning of each term along with a range of materials. In groups, the students come up with their own solutions based on trial and error approaches. This encourages the development of communication and collaboration skills.


STEM fosters ingenuity and creativity and can lead to new ideas and innovations.

The incorporation of some components of coding through robotics at school and online coding while learning at home. Coding is becoming a great life skill and highly sought after in the wider community. It is also really fun and can lead to many opportunities for future inventors.